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Learning happens best through relationships with people who care, in environments that are cared for, with resources that pique our curiosity, inspire us, and help us make sense of our world. Learning guides the choices, directions, and paths we take. 


  • Do you know a young person who cares about food and loves to cook? Do you incorporate food or cooking into your lesson plans or youth program activities?
  • Do you care about grade level reading and early childhood literacy?
  • Would you like to share an interesting story or an important perspective on learning in our communities?
  • Want to help guide our initiative?
  • Consider working with us on one of our projects like Just A Bite Jr., I Can Read Anywhere!, or Community Stories of Learning.
  • Ask us about joining our Education Advisory Group. 

Have questions, comments, ideas for learning projects, partnerships, events, and more? Let us know! We look forward to connecting with you. Let's work together to share stories, resources, and opportunities that inspire and empower learning, for strong, vibrant communities!